9/4/19 - “Friendly, Professional & Thorough. I am never disappointed seeing Blaine.”
8/26/19 - “Dr Gillette is such a great person and an amazing Dr. I’m so grateful he performed my knee surgery last year - I haven’t regretted it once. He listens and provides solutions for any concerns I have.”
8/19/19 - “Dr. Barclay is a great doctor.”
8/14/19 - “I appreciate his (Blaine’s)professionalism, his knowledge, and his ability to do what is best for my physical needs. And his fun to be with!!!”
8/12/19 - “Thank you Dr. Gillette for making time for us! You truly do care about your patients.
3/25/19 - “I really like Dr. Gillette and the care he has given me! He is caring and kind and timely in my needs and requests.”
3/20/19 - “Great service. I have recommended Dr Gillette to many people. Dr Stock lives in our Ward. Chose Dr Gillette because of previous patients.”
3/13/19 - “Outstanding medical care from Doctor Gillette.”
3/11/19 - “I am very pleased with the treatment I received both before and after surgery.”
3/4/19 - “Dr. Gillette was personable and professional. He listened to me and I felt important.”
1/16/19 - “Best medical group in the Valley.”
1/9/19 - “Always receive excellent care here... great place”
12/3/18 - “This was a follow up visit after my surgery last year. Dr. Gillette answered all my questions and was genuinely interested in how I am doing since surgery. Thank you!”
12/3/18 - “Dr. Gillette came highly recommend by a family member. I am very comfortable with him.”
11/21/18 - “Dr. Gillette answered all my questions and was genuinely interested in how I am doing since surgery. Thank you!"
10/24/18 - “Dr Gillette was very patient explaining a difficult medical issue to make sure I understood what the issues were and next steps.”
10/22/18 - “The wait was short, staff friendly and knowledgeable. Overall a great visit.”
10/22/18 - “Dr. Gillette is awesome! He listened to my concerns and helped me understand my condition.”
10/17/18 - “Blaine is a trusted provider and Dr. Gillette is a great person and knows my needs as a patient. Together they make a great team and I am totally satisfied as a patient in their care. My medical needs come first in their treatment and for that I am very grateful.”
10/17/18 - “Doc G is awesome!”
8/8/18 - “the very best in every thing”
8/6/18 - “The Staff and providers in Dr. Gilette’s office are the best. After only a few visits, I feel they know me and my health concerns and are willing to listen to me and treat me with respect and are willing to meet my needs.”
8/3/18 - “Blaine and Dr. Gillette are awesome providers. Would recommend them.”
8/3/18 - “Very happy with whole experience, from start to finish . So thankful for knowledgeable, caring Doctors and staff.”
7/30/18 - “Dr. Gillette and his assistant had communicated with my physical therapist and were up to date with my progress and problems. They directed me accordingly, which was very helpful for me.”
6/4/18 – “Dr. Gillette and Blaine were super. The part I liked the least was having a knee with no cartilage. (I don't think you can fix that)”
6/1/18 – “Blaine listened to and addressed my concerns appropriately. He made decisions in my best interest.”
5/23/18 – “I've been coming to the clinic for about 30 years. I love Dr. Frandsen for my Primary Care Physician. He recommended Dr. Gillette for knee issues and he has been great!!”
5/23/18 – “Blaine, PA and Dr. Gillette are both great! They've helped me with a difficult shoulder problem that was not a typical diagnosis and helped me avoid surgery when I thought it might be needed. Highly endorse their skill and bedside manner.”
5/21/18 – “Dr Gillette is the best!”